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How was everyones Memorial Day?

I know you guys cooked out, etc. I did the same with my family. I should’ve taken pictures, they would’ve been wildly entertaining. As you’ll learn, my family is a very colorful bunch. There’s a new lil fella added to the mix now. He’s almost 2 months old. *posting a pic*

That’s me & my little cousin Jah. I have HUNDREDS of pictures of him already. Cute, eh? But umm yeah, a lot going on. One of my cousins is planning a trip to NY in a few weeks, so you guys will be seeing flicks of that. I’m a city kid, so expect to see that. Hmm what else is coming up? My brain’s fried. Here’s one of the reasons I’m staying up late:

My fiance. She’s so fly. *muah* babe.

Ok what else? Summer’s almost OFFICIALLY started. Fun, fun, fun!