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Without even thinking about it, we take it as a given that the police must protect each of us.

That’s their whole reason for existence, right?

While this might be true in a few jurisdictions in the US and Canada, it is actually the exception,

not the rule. In general, court decisions and state laws have held that cops don’t have to do a

thing to help you when you’re in danger.

In the only book devoted exclusively to the subject, Dial 911 and Die, attorney Richard W.

Stevens writes:

It was the most shocking thing I learned in law school. I was studying Torts in my first year

at the University of San Diego School of Law, when I came upon the case of Hartzler v. City

of San Jose. In that case I discovered the secret truth: the government owes no duty to

protect individual citizens from criminal attack. Not only did the California courts hold to

that rule, the California legislature had enacted a statute to make sure the courts couldn’t

change the rule.

But this doesn’t apply to just the wild, upside down world of Kalifornia. Stevens cites laws an

cases for every state — plus Washington DC, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Canada –

which reveal the same thing. If the police fail to protect you, even through sheer incompetence

and negligence, don’t expect that you or your next of kin will be able to sue.

Even in the nation’s heartland, in bucolic Iowa, you can’t depend on 911. In 1987, two men broke

into a family’s home, tied up the parents, slit the mother’s throat, raped the 16-year-old daughter, and drove off with the 12-year old daughter (whom they later murdered). The emergency

dispatcher couldn’t be bothered with immediately sending police to chase the

kidnappers/murders/rapists while the abducted little girl was still alive. First he had to take calls

about a parking violation downtown and a complaint about harassing phone calls. When he got

around to the kidnapping, he didn’t issue an all-points bulletin but instead told just one officer to

come back to the police station, not even mentioning that it was an emergency. Even more

blazing negligence ensued, but suffice it to say that when the remnants of the family sued the city

and the police, their case was summarily dismissed before going to trial. The state appeals court

upheld the decision, claiming that the authorities have no duty to protect individuals.

Similarly, people in various states have been unable to successfully sue over the following


􀀱when 911 systems have been shut down for maintenance

􀀱when a known stalker kills someone

􀀱when the police pull over but don’t arrest a drunk driver who runs over someone later that


􀀱when a cop known to be violently unstable shoots a driver he pulled over for an inadequate


􀀱when authorities know in advance of a plan to commit murder but do nothing to stop it

􀀱when parole boards free violent psychotics, including child rapist-murderers

􀀱when felons escape from prison and kill someone

􀀱when houses burn down because the fire department didn’t respond promptly

􀀱when children are beaten to death in foster homes

A minority of states do offer a tiny bit of hope. In eighteen states, citizens have successfully

sued over failure to protect, but even here the grounds have been very narrow. Usually, the

police and the victim must have had a prior “special relationship” (for example, the authorities

must have promised protection to this specific individual in the past). And, not surprisingly,

many of these states have issued contradictory court rulings, or a conflict exists between state

law and the rulings of the courts.

Don’t look to Constitution for help. “In its landmark decision of DeShaney v. Winnebago County

Department of Social Services,” Stevens writes, “the US Supreme Court declared that the

Constitution does not impose a duty on the state and local governments to protect the citizens

from criminal harm.”

All in all, as Stevens says, you’d be much better off owning a gun and learning how to use it.

Even in those cases where you could successfully sue, this victory comes only after years

(sometimes more than a decade) of wrestling with the justice system and only after you’ve been

gravely injured or your loved one has been snuffed.

Taken from ebook 50 Thing You’re Not Supposed To Know by Russ Kick


Kandi @ Fantasias BDay Party in the ATL

I absolutely LOVED Xscape back in the 90’s.  (Wow, was it that long ago?)  Anyway, Kandi was my favorite.  Now I don’t particularly care for her hair in these flicks, but I’m happy to see her nonetheless.  I miss you Kandiii!

Kandi from Xscape

Kandi & Tiny

Kandi – Don\’t Think I\’m Not


T.I. “No Matter What” – 1st single off Paper Trail

Album in stores September 9th.  Let’s “get get get it!” HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  He’s the king baby, what else you want?


Janet and JD in Paris

The pair were in town for the Dior ’09 Couture Fashion Show.  JD made a youtube video.  You can see that down below.  It was WILD out there.  Oh Janet, *loving sigh*.  In the words of JD, “Ya’ll know what this is!”


Jay-Z @ Glastonbury

This guy…THIS guy…Hov is doin it BIG overseas.  Look at the crowd…are they upset Jay’s over there performing?  Hell no.  Music is universal.  PROVE IT TO EM JAY!   Oh yeah, the video below is completely worth watching even if you’re not a Jay fan…just to see Beyonce jumpin around actin a fool @ the 8:09 mark.  HA HA!  You gotta love it babyyyyyy.  Get em Jay!

Jay-Z @ Glastonbury


social vibe

Princesa invites you to


What I think you should have in your cd player this summer…

Chris Brown – Exclusive

I really like this guy.  I can play Chris’ 1st cd from beginning to end and that’s VERY rare for me.  No sophomore jinx for this fella.  Get em lil Chrissy!

Usher – Here I Stand

Okay so Usher is one of my top 3 favorite artists EVER.  The cd is solid.  Of course it’s no Confessions, but overall the cd is just what he says it is; a journey from bachelorhood to manhood.

Neyo – Year of the Gentleman

Jennifer seems to think Neyo and I make the same facial expressions…lol.  But that has nothing to do with my high expectations for this album.  This man never disappoints.  I think the cd drops in August.

Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded

I like a few Rihanna tracks.  I prefer her first album, but this’ll do.

Young Jeezy – The Recession

HOOD MUSIC!  This cd is folks on the block.

Michael Jackson – 25th Anniversary of Thriller

Let’s get this out there ASAP.  I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON!!! He can do no wrong in my eyes…musically, that is.  🙂

Kanye West – Graduation

Kanye’s passionate and his lyrical content has come a long way in the past few years.  Graduation is a keeper.

Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III

Honestly.  I don’t care for Wayne or most of his music.  But I will bump a few songs off this cd.  A mil-li-on here, a mil-li-on there.

Ashanti – The Declaration

I like 2 tracks off this album.  So Over You and Good Good.  Check em.

Alicia Keys – As I Am

A. Keys is the total package.  She has the looks, the talent, the personality.  I love her.  Go KEYS!

Danity Kane – Welcome to the Dollhouse

The appeal of this cd for me was seeing the “making of” on tv.  The songs are sold cause there will be NO BITCHASSNESS round these parts.

Nelly – Brass Knuckles

Nellys records are usually real chill, laid back, and fun.  We’ll see what this one brings.

Mariah Carey – E=MC2

The follow up to what I believe was Mariahs best album.

Mariah Carey – Emancipation of Mimi

Mariahs best CD to date.

Daughtry – Daughtry

American Idolllllllllllllllllll Chris Daughtry!

The Evolution of Robin Thicke

This cd is so smooth.  Put on “I Need Love” and panties will DROP.  Ask around.

Definition of Real

Bust it baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby.  What the hell is a bust a baby?  That question was pondered by Jennifer.  Her answer?  Here\’s the youtube video answer.

Janet Jackon – Disicipline

Like I said in a previous post, I have a COMPLETE lust, love and adoration for this woman.  I’m a stan.  I would stalk her if it wasn’t illegal.

T.I. – T.I. vs T.I.P.

Last but not least…..IT’S THE KIIIIIIIIING BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  T.I. is THAT fuckin dude.  This cd is something for the people to rock to.  There’s tracks for the ladies, tracks for the block, tracks for your momma….if your momma had you at like 15/16 or something.  BANKHEAD!!!!!