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Alright well, since this blog is really supposed to be about me, the things that go on in my life and such, I decided to give the world a little background. My name is K and I’m 25. I’m back in school, this time for Business Administration. I’m in the process of moving out of my moms house, I have 1 dog (Prince). Umm, let’s see what else? I’m a black woman that happens to be a lesbian. I don’t label myself but other people label me a “stud”, “dom” or “butch”. Whatever. I have an AWESOME fiance. My family is absolutely nuts, in the best way possible. I’m a writer at heart although I can’t really find the inspiration or time to finish my book. I run my own businesses and am doing so-so with them. Wow umm there’s a lot about my life that you’ll learn along this journey of the blog. Who knows how long I’ll keep this up, it’s just entertaining for now.

I’ll post random journal entries about my life, my business, my crazy job, my relationship, my family, anything fly I find online, etc. So join the ride, bookmark the site, check back often and enjoy. I’ll even throw a pic in! Have a good day.


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